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KODA represents an exciting opportunity for those who have felt frustrated by Seattle’s housing market, and who long for a chance to invest in its expanding economy and future. There is finally a modern, design-driven project that is aimed at the city’s new class of creators and provocateurs. With rents increasing at record levels, there has never been a more enticing or advantageous time to buy, and an innovative new approach to the sales process will allow a modest 5% deposit to hold a space in a preferred price range until the option to purchase is exercised. 

Renting has its advantages for people who want to try out a city or neighborhood without making a long-term commitment, or for those who require a great deal of professional mobility. But, with rates skyrocketing in cities like Seattle, it can also be very expensive with no return on investment. Unfortunately, local development trends have made it the only option for a lot of successful professionals seeking modern amenities, the benefits and efficiencies of new construction and prime urban location – until now. 

Markets will always fluctuate, but Seattle’s housing values have been historically strong with unbeatable growth and trajectory in recent years. With a booming local economy and more demand than supply, local real estate represents a profound investment in this global gateway. KODA offers the committed urbanist the opportunity not only to buy into a ground-breaking residential development, but to gain control of the cost of housing in this record-breaking market.