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Just 7% of Homes in Seattle’s Multi-Family Pipeline Will Be Offered for Sale

As a recent Curbed Seattle article outlines, the abundance of luxury construction projects cropping up around downtown Seattle make it “easy to look around and think, condos. But the majority of new residential projects going up in the city – and downtown specifically – are destined to be rentals.” Of all the new homes under construction, there will be 6,324 units available for rent, and just 489 (7.1%) offered for sale.

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Blaine Weber & Daily Journal of Commerce on Solving Seattle’s Condominium Conundrum

As Blaine Weber, Senior Principal of Weber Thompson Architects, proclaims in a recent Daily Journal of Commerce article, “the affordable housing crisis is one of the more perplexing problems facing rapidly growing cities like Seattle.” One proposed solution is to add to the supply of small, affordable condominiums in the city, yet as a 2016 paper published by the University of Washington Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies notes, condominiums in Seattle are overwhelmingly “beyond the means of the average-income individual.” So, Weber asks, why is there a lack of supply amidst rising demand in the Emerald City? Though there are myriad reasons, a main one can be attributed to the liability associated with building multi-family units for sale in Washington state, given regulations outlined within the Washington State Condominium Development Act.

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As Featured in Seattle Magazine: The Condo Conundrum

Seattle is the fastest-growing large city in the US with home prices rising more than any other metro area in the nation. That means developers are building new condominiums at a record clip, right?  Nope, it’s actually the opposite. There is currently a real shortage of in-city condominiums, resulting in high median home prices, rising by 19-percent year-over-year in November 2017 to $660,000 – about the same value as the median home price in King County. And 94-percent of the projected 27,000 new housing units to be built in downtown Seattle this decade will be for rent and not for sale, leaving many to scratch their heads. This topic was recently explored by The Seattle Times and King 5 TV News as prospective buyers have literally camped out overnight to book their opportunity to own. So, what gives? Here are ten reasons why consumers consider condos, but most developers don’t.

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