Amazon City 98121, Welcome to the Jungle

Alexa...Build Me a City in a City. "Building a City in a City." 

It’s official – Seattle is now recognized as the largest company town in the United States. A recent article published by Seattle Times notes this is largely due to Amazon’s new facilities in South Lake Union and the Denny Regrade area.

With a claim of 19% of all office space in the city, Amazon boasts the largest urban campus in the country with a staggering 8.1 million square feet of space, proving the tech giant’s heavy presence in the city. This even beats out Microsoft’s impressive campus in Redmond, which is estimated to encompass approximately 8 million square feet.

Amazon’s total footprint is over two times the size of any other company in America. In fact, it takes 43 other Seattle businesses to fill the same square footage that Amazon occupies. Furthermore, Amazon’s total office goals could reach 12 million square feet eclipsing its current record.

John Schoettler, Amazon’s Director of Real Estate, emphasized in his interview with Seattle Times that the newly constructed office spaces, costing approximately $4 billion, would be used for generations to come. With no intention of leaving the city, Amazon will continue to dominate the job industry in Seattle. So, how will the city be impacted by this seemingly permanent facility?

Incorporating offices into the city has greatly impacted our local economy. With the influx of people traveling from across the globe for job opportunities in Seattle, the housing market has boomed. There is now a high demand for housing coupled with Seattle’s already low housing inventory.

Interestingly, Amazon and the “Amazone” it occupies in downtown Seattle may well have been a prophecy in the 1987 release of Guns N’ Roses hit album Appetite for Destruction. The hit song “Welcome to the Jungle” was written by lead vocalist Axl Rose while he was in Seattle and its lyrics, “we’ve got everything you want,” may well refer to Amazon’s business model. Most think this song was inspired by Los Angeles, where the rock band was based but in fact, this song was mapped out in Seattle.

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