The Chinatown-International District is a cornucopia of culture and cuisine that exhilarates the senses. From the smell of fortune cookies baking at Tsu Chong Company to the sight of dragons dancing through the streets on Chinese New Year, there is a new experience around every corner. Locals and visitors alike come for the unexpected fares of dim sum, noodle shops, and the international mecca of supermarkets, Uwajimaya. Live at the gateway to a world of possibilities.


Cultural Connection

The neighborhood’s diverse community lines the storied streets with creatives, adventurous diners, gallery-goers, and young professionals who all recognize the magnetic locales for being ripe with something social, exhilarating, and true.

And that kind of organic authenticity can’t be manufactured; it’s discovered. Find your place within a cultural melting pot that excites and inspires its residents daily.