koda lobby_mod.jpg


KODA’s village-inspired amenities invite people in. Shared spaces serve as indoor plazas and virtual parks. Co-working space allows for flexible schedules while freeing you to relax at home. A well-being center incorporating yoga, fitness and Zen gardening shares the seventh floor with a dedicated library and conference room. Ten floors up and you’re in KODA’s social hub—the gravitational center of the community—with sky bar, theater, fireside lounge, private dining and rooftop terrace all defined by views of the city, Elliott Bay and Mount Rainier.


Voluminous lobby with concierge

First-level co-working lounge

Dog lounge

Seventh Floor

o   Fitness Center

o   Yoga Studio

o   Dedicated Library

o   Conference Room

o   Zen Garden

Sky Bar

o   Billiards 

o   Theater

o   Fireside Lounge

Roof Terrace

o   BBQs

o   Fireside Lounge

o   360-degree views

Reserved Suites for Visiting Guests

Optional Amenities

o   Parking

o   Storage